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Hypermedia Terrain Database Development Services



Data Analysis

As discussed on the implementation page a hypermedia database is essentially an implementation of a semantic network of concepts and relations. Concepts can consist of text, images, and graphics or combinations thereof. Relations consist of associative links that provide the capability to rapidly move from one concept to a related concept. Based on the intended content of the database, KSi will design this semantic network. This can be done in conjunction with the customer if desired.

Database Construction

KSi will construct the hypermedia database according to the design developed above. Imagery will be made interactive as necessary. Large scale imagery will be interactively tied to small scale imagery for clarity. Java algorithms will be developed to handle the display of special datasets such as spectral plots or interactive 3D presentations using VRML.

The resulting hypermedia database will be self contained such that is can be distributed on a CDROM for use by standard web browsing programs. The databases can also be directly ported to internet or local area network servers.


Data Types

Data may be supplied by the customer or KSi will work to help identify and acquire publicly available sources of data. If not already in digital form this data will be digitized for incorporation into the hypermedia database. Examples of some types of data include:

  • Descriptive text
  • Elevation Data
    • SRTM
    • DTED (customer supplied)
    • USGS DEM
    • NED
  • Graphics based on elevation data
    • synthetic shaded relief
    • contours
    • 3D perspective
    • anaglyphs
    • fractal rendered synthetic landscapes
    • animated synthetic andscapes
    • panoramic synthetic landscapes
  • Satellite Data
    • Landsat (MSS, TM)
    • SPOT
    • visible
  • Maps
  • Airphotos (mono and stereo)
  • Ground imagery
  • Interactive panoramic imagery
  • Video
  • Terrain analysis data
    • landform delineations
    • landform object attributes
    • drainage analysis products


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