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Terrain Analysis System


Click on the graphic above for a working example of a Terrain Analysis System hypertext output document.

  • A knowledge based software system that uses physiographic and geomorphological knowledge to delineate landform types from digital elevation data.

  • Input Elevation Data Types: SRTM, USGS, DTED, NED.

  • Implemented using JAVA to promote platform independence.

  • Graphical User Interface aids in knowledge base (KB) rule development and results editing.

  • Inference Engine executes KB's.

  • KB's implement landform models:

    • rules direct processing of elevation data using feature segmentation functions.

    • rules interpret extracted feature segments as possible landforms.

  • A physical drainage model is available for use in KB inferencing.

  • Results can be:

    • compiled into an interactive text/graphical hypertext document.

    • exported as ArcView Shape files or Surfer files.

    • saved as graphical and text files.

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