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Hypertext Output

Knowledge base execution can produce many intermediate results in the form of delineated landform images and text. These results consume memory and are not retained beyond program termination. An HTML page generation capability can be used to preserve and organize these results. An HTML function library implemented in rule language is used by the KB's in result generation. The imagery and landform characteristics are written to output files along with HTML formatting and hyperlinking commands. The resulting web of hypertext pages, imagery and graphics can then be interactively "browsed" using any commercially available browsing program. Each time the system is executed a subdirectory is generated that automatically documents the system output as a complete, hyperlinked web of HTML pages that can be browsed at any time. All of this is made necessary by the amount and complexity of the output generated by the system.

The implementation described below is a sample that we have implemented. The HTML function library used by the KB's are in ASCII and can easily be changed to accommodate any design that the user may require.

Reasoning Text Area  

Composite Landform Maps

Interactive, Delineated Landform Maps 

Landform Object Attributes

  • Composite Landform Maps Page - shows all delineated landforms together in two maps, one consisting of  a set of overlaying regions and the other a set of overlaying vectors.

  • Reasoning Text Page - descriptive output text can be added to the KB rules, so as they execute the chain of reasoning is described. This page contains hypertext links to other graphics generated by the system (other than in the pages described here) as well as links to the various delineated landform graphics contained in the Interactive Delineated Landforms Page.

  • Interactive Delineated Landforms Page - Landform delineation maps are interactive such that a delineated landform can be "clicked on" for subsequent textual display of its characteristics in the Landform Object Attributes Page. This is done using the boundary vectors of the delineated object for the HTML interactive coordinates.

  • Landform Object Attributes Page - each delineated landform has a set of associated attributes that have been written to this page by the KB's.

The following is a working example of the HTML output capability. Click on it to activate it.


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